Training without a mask: the thrust is aimed at the chest for safety. Photo by Simone Mattielli.

Training with minimal gear

I am a little worried. Now, I tend to worry about things so it isn't anything unusual, but when it concerns people's safety and the way historical fencing community (and the activity itself) appears, I must voice my opinion and share my concerns. During the last five years or so I believe the greatest development (or change) … Continue Reading ››

Cuts of the Bolognese Tradition

Two of the most fundamental aspects of Bolognese swordsmanship (and other styles just as well) are the guards, the positions that outline the physical movements within the style, and cuts and other attacks that effectively are these movements. These two aspects are inseparable, as described by Angelo Viggiani and other masters. Pedagogically I believe these two need … Continue Reading ››

Ilkka Hartikainen on Bolognese swordsmanship