Bolognese longsword against Fiore’s longsword

A video from our recent free fencing session. I have been working with Marozzo’s two-handed sword lately, and decided to have a go at trying the system in free fencing. Matias is trying to make my life difficult using Fiore’s style. I am fencing in black plastron, Matias is wearing the brown one.

There are a few interesting points in this video, such as a lot of gioco stretto attacks at :30, after which Matias decides to withdraw into largo and he gets hit for that, and at 1:19 I attack using the beginning of primo assalto.

The full fight is available at my Vimeo page as well, but this shorter one is of course nicer to watch (the full one is around ten minutes long.

Also check out the School of European Swordsmanship demo done earlier this month in Ropecon (an international role-playing gathering). I did not take part in the demo, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be worth watching.


  1. Great video, interesting stuff!

    One point about the videos: if it’s not too much trouble, it would be great if, when you edit your videos for length, to insert a few seconds of black (or, I dunno, pink :) between takes. That way the viewer would know whether the fencers suddenly jumping across the room is due to their computer playing tricks or to some material being removed.

    • Thanks! Black in between takes would be good, I agree. Will do that next time.

      – Ilkka

  2. @Auri, I think you should study more about teleporters…

  3. A question: don’t you think your sword is too short to work fine as a Marozzo longsword?

    • Yes, it is way too short.

    • Maybe this fact can heavily bias the test, I guess…

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