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New in 2020 💪🏻

Marozzo in English

The Elusive Guardia d'Entrare

Fencing simplified

Anonimo Bolognese Survey results

Coming soon: Fundamentals course

Update on the situation of Bolognese fencing in Finland

The simplest target is the advanced one

Cuts and Thrusts of the Anonimo Bolognese

Anonimo translation updates

Scuola di Spada II report

New look!

New instructional video on Marozzo's guards!

Making it Count

What is "HEMA"?

A weekend of sword and dagger

In Search of Certainty

Knowledge base opened!

Fencing in Wide Play

Flashback from 2011

Remote learning program

Theme updated

First instructional video available

Bolognese Swordsmanship or swordfighting?

The complete Primo Assalto

Art of the Two-Handed Sword part 6: Short and to the Point

Context in (historical European) martial arts, why we train and how do we know if we're good at it?

Art of the Two-Handed Sword Part 5: An Assalto within Assalto

Details on the modified Red Dragon glove

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