Above is a new  video showing mine and Ken Quek’s newly interpreted stuff from Fiore’s Abrazare section. In the video there are a couple of throws that are, in my opinion, implied in Fiore and then countered, going through all the plays starting from the first and ending with the last counter of placing the thumbs in the eyes. Please understand that this material is still work in progress – but feel free to comment or use it yourself.

The basic action (which is our extrapolation) is the beginning with hands crossed (collar/elbow could work as well, but this gives more space for acting), and the plays start mostly with a pull or a jerk to make the opponent move and therefore offer a time for executing the throws or other actions. Notice that most of the plays counter a fancy throw while keeping upright – think of Fiore’s advice on being able to throw the opponent without danger to yourself.

Other important aspect here (also our own thinking) is timing your steps so that all of them happen inside the time of your opponent’s, therefore making you always stay stable during his instability – matching your steps with his (but shorter).


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