In the Sala every thrust and cut is to honor our Teachers,
so that in the Arena the fantasy preserved in ink may manifest.

My name is Ilkka Hartikainen. I study Historical European Martial Arts with a focus on 16th century Italian traditions of swordsmanship. My goal is to promote these arts and to make them more accessible, beyond the historical texts written by the renaissance masters Achille Marozzo and his contemporaries.

I am a member of the Historical European Martial Arts Coalition and an honorary member of Guardia di Croce and Sala d’Armi Achille Marozzo.


I have held workshops and lectures on Historical European Martial Arts in various events around the world. Besides Finland, where I run regular classes, I have presented my research in Sweden, Austria, France, the Netherlands, United States of America, Italy, Singapore, Hungary and Canada. I am available for either stand-alone seminars or as an instructor in your event. Please email me at ilkka@marozzo.com if you are interested in organizing a workshop.

If you would like to participate in a workshop, see a list of upcoming events.


Though I consider myself more of a fighter/researcher than a competitive athlete, I regularly test my skills in various fencing competitions and tournaments. My current achievements are:

  • 1st place, Helsinki Bolognese Open (sidesword), Finland 2015
  • 3rd place, Taurhemachia (sword and buckler), Italy 2015
  • Among best 6 out of 40, Taurhemachia (sidesword), Italy 2015
  • 1st place, Helsinki Bolognese Open (sidesword and rotella), Finland 2014
  • Best technical fighter, Helsinki Bolognese Open (open sidesword), Finland 2014
  • 3rd place, Helsinki Bolognese Open (open sidesword), Finland 2014
  • 3rd place, International Lowlands HEMA Gathering (open single-handed sword), the Netherlands 2014
  • Best technical fighter, PNW HEMA Gathering (invitational sword and buckler), USA 2014
  • 4th place, PNW HEMA Gathering (invitational sword and buckler), USA 2014
  • 4th place, Swordfish (open saber), Sweden 2011
  • 4th place, Marozzo Premio (two-handed sword choreography), Italy 2010


I can be reached via email at ilkka@marozzo.com. You can also visit marozzo.com on facebook.

I teach swordsmanship regularly at the Espoo Association for Historical Fencing.

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