Ilkka Hartikainen on Bolognese fencing

Bolognese fundamentals online course

There's no doubt that studying the Bolognese tradition of fencing has been one of the most defining projects and adventures in my life. For the past 7 years or so I don't think there's been a single day that has passed without considering one aspect or another of the topic. During this time, the...


The Elusive Guardia d'Entrare

Each of the 16th century Bolognese fencing masters describe the guards they use in their art. Four of the texts have sufficiently similar sets of guards to say they belong to a common tradition. These are Antonio Manciolino’s Opera Nova (1531, likely originally from 1520’s), Achille Marozzo’s...


Fencing simplified

Here is an attempt to describe fencing in a few sentences. I once did a flowchart with similar ideas, but perhaps a written explanation is easier to understand. This is also a bit more streamlined.\n\nDepending on feedback I will probably revise this and add in the concepts of gioco largo and...


Anonimo Bolognese Survey results

Recently I made a survey asking what readers are most interested in seeing next at the Anonimo Translation Project. If you want to, you can still take the survey here.\n\nI am going to use the results to guide the work on the project, so here is a quick run-down of what I am going to...