Building a new video player

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One of the challenges we've wanted to tackle for a long time is to build an extensible video player suited specifically for learning material and the study of motion.

So far we've had to rely on various generic or platform-specific video players, whose controls on skipping frames, video chapters and what is shown at various states has been only partly within our control.

For the new site we are building a custom player, or more accurately custom set of controls over the native video player provided by the browser.

This will enable us to have clean pause screens for studying positions, frame-by-frame movement, control over speed and no unnecessary clutter.

Eventually, we'll have the possibility of adding interactivity, overlaid content and so on, should that be useful. But most importantly we'll have control over the component and the possibility to extend it.

To begin with, as usual, the feature set will be more limited.

A preview of the new video player

You can try the new video player at the demo site where we will be building the new view for the course lesson pages.

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