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Welcome to the Fundamentals of Bolognese Fencing online course!

I am very happy to see you here and hope you will find this course useful in your pursuit of studying Historical European Martial Arts, and more specifically, the use of the sidesword.

This course is designed to work in a progressive way, so that you can watch all of the videos and read all other lecture material in order, but it is of course allowed to skip ahead or to revisit some of the previous lectures.

Before getting started, read through the curriculum headings to get a better idea of what topics we will be covering throughout this course. Notice also the glossary, which will become an essential tool in understanding the technical instruction unless you are already familiar with the terminology of 16th century fencing.

Most of the lectures involve a video. These videos are kept short and to the point to make them easier to understand and to help you maintain focus on a single topic at a time. Use the video player to stop and repeat whatever part of the video you wish to see again, and even though most videos include slow-motion, you can set the player to half-speed to slow things down even more.

Remember that hands-on practice is necessary to internalize and physically learn the material. Whether you are working alone or with a partner or group, as soon as you have learned enough to get an idea of what you want to practice, go try it and then come back for more instruction. Just always make sure you are practicing safely!

Good luck!

Ilkka Hartikainen and the team