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  Parrying a Mandritto

The diagonal overhand strike from the right, called mandritto is one of the most common attacks you will have to defend against. In this lesson we will use the same strike to defend against it and riposte with a thrust to the face in guardia d'entrare.

The defense will be accompanied by a step off-line towards the agent's left side with the right foot, letting the left foot follow behind the right.

After the thrust, the patient will recover into the same guard with a backwards passing step.

Key points

  • Make the defense short and quick, without unnecessary preparatory movements.
  • Remember that the defense consists of the parrying guard position, here porta di ferro stretta, the off-line footwork and the following riposte.
  • Make sure to turn your body well with the parry, covering yourself behind your sword as much as possible.

Common errors

  • Loading the parry in an attempt to create force to the blow, effectively slowing down the parry. Remember that this parry is structural and does not rely on a hard impact.
  • Leaving the left shoulder in line of the attack due to not turning the body enough.
  • Taking the point too far off-line in the parry, making the riposte inaccurate and slow.