Anonimo 13


If your opponent is arranged in CLS with the left foot in front, set yourself in CLS with the left foot in front. From here make a feint of pushing a thrust to the flank into his left side, and as he moves his sword in order to parry the said thrust, that is he will make the point of his sword look outside towards your right side, you will then disengage your sword under his connecting the true edge of your sword over his at the middle forwards towards the point. And in one tempo you will pass with your left foot forwards running a thrust into the chest behind his sword. But you need to maintain pressure with your sword on his toward the ground as much as you can and at this time push the said thrust the said thrust into his body behind this sword. And if he lifts his sword in order to parry the said strike, you will search with your left hand to make a presa on his sword.

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