Anonimo 4

The fourth play shares many of the features of the second play, but now we begin with the right foot in front, necessitating that we defend with an accrescimento instead of a pass.


If you are placed in CLS with the right foot in front against your opponent, and he throws a mandritto or a fendente or if he pleases a stoccata or an imbroccata at your face, you will step the width of four fingers or a palm towards his left side with your right foot. And during this step you will make a half turn of the hand meeting his attack with the true edge of your sword, and behind his sword you will push a thrust into his chest or face. This strike needs to be done by beating his sword in every which way, so that as the thrust lands in his face or chest your left foot will follow somewhat behind the right and you need to let your body turn well, so that your right shoulder will be directed towards the opponent and the sword will end in way of GdI. From here you will retreat back with your right foot entering CLS with the left foot in front.


This play is very straight forward. The most noteworthy thing is perhaps the detail in which the step is described, likely emphasizing the difference between this play and the second, where instead of a small step the width of four fingers a wide pass is made.

We only chose to film the defense against the mandritto, though it would work similarly against the other strikes. For reference you can see the variations of the second play.

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