Anonimo 6

The sixth is similar to the fifth, but done on the other side; feinting on the opponent’s inside and finishing with a thrust on his outside line.


If your opponent is in CLS with his right foot in front, you will place yourself in CLS but with the left foot in front opposite to him. From here you will pass with the right a great step towards his left side throwing a mezzo riverso into his sword-hand, that does not go beyond CLS, and your left foot must follow behind the right.
And, from here, immediately feint as if you were to push a thrust to his chest, making a demonstration of a half-turn of the hand on his left side. And as he makes any motion to parry this feint you then disengage your sword under his and make a half-turn of the hand taking the true edge of your sword against his. And in this instant pass with left foot deep towards his right side pushing behind his sword a thrust to hia flank, following with the right foot behind the left.
This strike necessitates that you force his sword somewhat towards his left side in order for you to be able to wound with the said thrust, and that you turn your body as much as you can, so that the right shoulder is towards your opponent’s chest and the sword will be in way of CLA, but with the point kept towards the opponent as much as possible.

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