Anonimo 9

This play continues the theme of beginning with preparatory cuts. This time the purpose is to find a completely new perspective towards the opponent, then following the previously introduced concept of acting according to what line the opponent may have left open.


Should your adversary have set himself with the sword in PdFS with the right foot in front, set yourself in the same guard and from here you will pass with the left foot across towards his right side, and in this passing you will make a falso and a riverso.

And this falso and riverso does not intend to wound the opponent, but to disorder him so that you can get to him with a different blow. Hence these falso and riverso need to be made wisely, so that the sword is warily halted in CLS and the right foot will follow behind the left. And as soon as you have arrived to this position, make note in which way the opponent has the point of his sword, because if he has it looking off-line to your right side you will need to follow one way, and if he has it looking off-line to your left side it will avail you to use another.

But proposing that he has it looking somewhat off-line to your right side, follow by passing with your right foot into a long step taking the true edge of your sword over his, pressing it an amount towards the ground, and at this time use all your might to throw the point of your sword into his body behind his sword.

And if he retreats backwards, pass through with your left foot while searching to make a presa with your left hand.


For the option of doing a trapassare and a presa, I have shown two options: doing it to the inside and to the outside. I favor the outside line presa here strongly, but have left both for reference. This is one place where the way you do the presa is dictated by the situation more than anything. The finishing move is not described, but as always, there is a strong suggestion that it is left open for you to perform whatever technique you find most suitable.

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