First instructional video available

Today is a historical day in the development of I have made available the first instructional bit for you to enjoy.

Instructional bits?

Instructional bits are short videos focused on a single subject, running for around 10 minutes and giving you something you can immediately apply in your practice or thinking of swordsmanship.

The first one describes the way I now teach the Bolognese guards to beginners, without burdening them with the terminology of the guard names. I do teach the names of the guards too, but in the beginning an alternative way has proven more efficient, especially with students who are not Italian speakers.

Wait, what? You are asking money for it?

Making these videos costs me money and time, and while I do enjoy making them, we have to face certain realities. I direct the videos for those who think they would benefit from the content, and I’m confident I can set the price point so that there will never be disappointments. And if you have a different take on this, I still do post a lot of stuff free for everybody as well. And on Youtube. And on this blog.

What else is going on?

There’s a number of writing projects coming up, but they will need some more time until they are ready. I have been busy traveling and teaching seminars, and also our fencing club, the EHMS, where I teach regular classes three to four times a week, acquired a new training hall. This gives me, my colleagues and our students a completely different kind of possibilities in training. Here’s a picture, if you don’t believe me:

EHMS training hallThere is also a plan of a complete set of instructional videos, longer ones and with more comprehensive material than the bits. I am also working on offering remote learning opportunities on Bolognese swordsmanship. Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

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