Marozzo Illustrations Gallery

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I have found myself needing Marozzo's images many times, sometimes for reference and study, sometimes for various artistic or educational projects and sometimes just because it's fun and inspiring to browse through them.

Usually I've either looked at facsimiles, modern translations, googled for a particular image or gone through various local and online drives in search for the images.

And almost always I've ended up doing some cleaning up on the images if I've needed to use them for some project.

If you recognise yourself in that story (and even if you don't), as a subscriber you can now access a handy gallery with all of Marozzo's over 80 illustrations.

You can download any of the images either as hi-res png files (with white background 😄) or as vector svg files for unlimited zooming (but not unlimited detail).

All images have been cleaned up, but the original look of the woodcuts has been retained.

You can access the gallery at

Notice that the images are intended for private use. Please let us know if you want to use any of the images in a publication, website or social media. We'd love to know what you are doing and we can probably agree on something. 🙂

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