Practicing dall'Agocchie's sword form

In all honesty, practicing forms can sometimes be a bit dull. I enjoy forms a great deal and find them to be an important tool among many other exercises. While Marozzo and Manciolino describe various assalti, dall’Agocchie gives us a different kind of form that shows how defenses can be made from one guard after the other. He does not mention that it could or should be practiced as a solo-form, but the concept of solo-forms was definitely known by him, as he describes a shorter and simpler form earlier on in his treatise.

But getting back to the subject, the dullness of forms practice can be remedied by varying the way you practice the form. If you are creative, there are an infinite ways to spice up the practice or to simply challenge yourself to understand and apply the form better. In this video I show some examples of what I do when I practice this form.

But please remember that variations and self-expression should not be used as an excuse for being lazy! In order to learn a form repetition is necessary, set-backs and difficulties happen and patience is called for. But when you “have it”, it will be rewarding and there will be a great many possibilities for exploring!

I hope you can get some ideas from the video!

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