Source texts

The works are quite easily available, and facsimiles of Marozzo’s Opera Nova can be found in many other places than the ones listed here. These should be enough for you to get started! I only post translations in this list that I use myself and have found good and complete.

Achille Marozzo

Facsimile of the 1536 edition
Facsimile of the 1568 edition (PDF)
Transcription (PDF)
Transcription (online)
Illustrations as a single, zoomable image

Antonio Manciolino

English translation by Tom Leoni (book)
Transcription (book)
Transcription (online)

The Anonimo Bolognese

Transcription (book)

Giovanni dall’Agocchie

English translation by Jherek Swanger (PDF, includes books I and II, that are relevant to swordplay)

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