Technical preview

We have plans on bringing more features to in addition to articles and online courses. The first step would be to allow members to discuss content, and eventually to create content of their own.

This would allow you to write your own posts, share your own videos and images, as well as logging your training journal privately or publicly.

The site you are now visiting is built on Ghost, a blogging platform, that as such is good but doesn't really provide a straightforward path for us to integrate such features.

For that reason we are building a new platform that will eventually become once we reach feature parity with the current site.

We have decided to build the new platform in public, and while we are still in the early stages we'd like you to check, where the next version can be accessed.

We have not migrated the user accounts there yet, and will eventually do that as well as move over the existing subscriptions. But before that happens, you can try creating an account if you wish to test the comment features.

Please remember that everything is subject to change at any time at the development site.

We'd like to thank you all for the continued support, which is now making it possible for us to modernise the platform and make it more about you, the members of the platform.

We will keep sharing updates here, on the new site and in our social media accounts in the future.

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