Hello! Some of you may have been wondering why there has been such a lack of updates and posts lately. I appreciate everyone’s interest in the developments in research and practice, and as a keeper of a blog I understand my responsibility towards readers!

The fact is that since I came back from the trip in Italy, we started with our own school dedicated to the Bolognese tradition, and as a total the running of the school has been eating most of the time I would have otherwise used to write here. You can visit our website at www.ehms.fi, though most of the latest content is only available in Finnish.

Marozzo.com-site is not going down (I wouldn’t give up the domain name!), but for now there will not be that many updates — one other reason is that there is now a greater need for me serving the Finnish-speaking student community with written material on the Bolognese tradition, and general writing projects here are very much secondary. There is a need for a written introduction to the Bolognese tradition, a general curriculum to help students and those aiding in teaching, a ruleset for competitions (yes, we are going to do them) needs to be generated and I have already made a glossary and Italian to Finnish translations on common terms found in Bolognese sources.

I am also working on creating a resource page, from where all available 16th century Italian material can be downloaded for use. This resource will be available in English as well, but there is still much work in compiling and editing the material.

For any questions, I can of course be reached by mail as usual!

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