Updates for 2014 at marozzo.com!

As visitors not new to marozzo.com undoubtedly have noticed, the site has gone through a design overhaul. I had worked on an upgrade to the site for some months, but there had not been enough time to create a WordPress theme that would have answered the need for device-independent layouts and some aesthetic wishes I had.

Fortunately WordPress published its new theme for the next year, which is a major upgrade to the previous default themes, and simultaneously it provided many of the features I had planned to create myself, ready-made.

With a few customizations (there will certainly be more tweaking in the coming weeks) the new layout was in place in the matter of few hours. I am really pleased, and I hope my readers will approve of the new, lighter and more versatile theme.

All the same content is still in place, and new material will be popping up. My plan is to blog about videos I post on YouTube here as well, to reach greatest exposure and to better describe the videos. The latest video-posts will always be featured on the right-side column of the front page.

There will be more featured content as well. The old article about the primo assalto will reprise, but features on the basics of the Bolognese tradition and on the weapons used (both historically and today) are in the works. The resources-page will also be soon divided into multiple pages with more information.

I hope you will enjoy the fresh layout and the upcoming stories at marozzo.com! Feel free to leave a comment about the new style below, positive or negative!

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